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Magnolia 'Little Gem'

Magnolia Little Gem is a dwarf or smaller growing cultivar of Magnolia Grandiflora. Large creamy flowers with a nice perfume from spring through to summer.

With handsome glossy green foliage with a coppery velvet underside this is a proven winner as a hedge or a specimen. Growing equally well in the ground or in a cont ainer.

Generally available in pot sizes from 20cm to 160lt with heights from 1m through to 3m. Taller established specimens of Magnolia Little Gem will bring a higher price, however they can create an instant screen.

Growing requirements

Developed in the USA it grows well in Australian conditions and although it is a faster growing tree in warmer areas it can be found as far south as Tasmania and as far North as Northern Queensland. A humus rich moist but free draining soil is best, however once established it is a reasonably tough plant.

Magnolia Little Gem
Magnolia Little Gem

Growth Rate and Care

Growth rate is slow to moderate depending on conditions and climate, usually reaching around 2m in 5 years, taller in warmer areas.

Try not to disturb the root system of Magnolia Little Gem when transplanting

Using 'Little Gem' as a Hedge

Firstly it needs to remembered that although magnolia 'Little Gem' is sold as a lower growing variety and sometimes promoted as a 'dwarf' variety it can reach 10m over time.

Magnolia 'Little Gem' can be used as a hedging plant where it is easily pruned to size, or grown as a specimen plant in a pot or container, or as a feature in the garden. Eventual height is around 4m when pruned, plant at 1.5 to 2m for a hedge.

Admired for its glossy green foliage and coppery underside, fragrant white flowers are an added attraction. Mulch around the base of the plant to provide a cool root run. Magnolia 'Little Gem' needs little care or pruning once established and seems to be disease and pest resistant.

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