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Magnolia Fairy Blush

What we know as Magnolia Fairy Blush is what we have previously called a Michelia and only recently all of these have been reclassified as a magnolia by wholesalers and others. This is a hybrid, doltsopa, yunnanensis and figo cross.

This this is another plant bred by Jury Plants in New Zealand and with an attractive mild fragrance to the pink flowers, an d glossy evergreen foliage it is an excellent choice for a range of landscaping applications.

The flowers are scented and form along the stems at each leaf axil, fragrant and about 6cm across.

A wonderful hedging plant that take well to pruning Magnolia Fairy Blush will reach around 4 - 5m in height if left to its own devices. Remember that in terms of plant height a lot will depend on growing conditions, soil, climate and aspect, so although this plant is promoted as reaching 3m, 4m and taller it will depend on conditions, 5m is possible, 3 - 4 is more usual.


  • Fairy Blush - White flowers with a 'blush' of pink.
  • Fairy Cream - Creamy white flowers.
  • Fairy White - Clean white flowers.

Magnolia Fairy Blush - Care

A humus rich moist burt well drained soil is best, water in well when planting, and mulch to maintain a cool root run. Full sun to part shade. Pruning can be carried out on a regular basis to maintain shape if required.

Although 'Fairy Magnolias' will reach 4m + they are very easily pruned to around 2m. Planting distance of 1m apart for a good hedge.

Pruned it makes a denser hedge, or maybe you could train Magnolia Fairy Blush as a standard (ball on a stick) and yes it could be grown in a container in a courtyard situation. Also suited to espalier against a wall in a sunny position.

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