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Michelia figo, (syn. Magnolia figo) commonly called the 'Port Wine Magnolia' can be used as a feature shrub or hedging plant. Used for its attractive foliage as well as the scented flowers. although the flowers themselves are small.

Only recently Michelia figo has been renamed as Magnolia figo, in fact all Michelia species are now Magnolias.

Michelia figo or 'port wine magnolia' is not actually a magnolia but is a relation. A glossy leafed shrub with scented flowers during spring. Flowers are insignificant, but the scent is attractive and is often planted near garden paths, or close to outdoor entertaining areas where its perfume can be appreciated.

Makes a useful small shrub or can be planted as a small hedge. Michelia figo can be pruned in winter to maintain shape and size. Full sun to part shade is best.

This is a plant that makes a great hedge as it flowers on old wood and lends itself to pruning.

Michelia figo Care

Best planted in a humus rich soil in full sun to part shade. In warmer areas afternoon shade is suggested. A slightly acidic soil similar to that required for azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons is best, although not essential.

Mulch around the root system to maintain a cool root run. Fertilizer each spring using a camellia and azalea type slow release fertilizer.

On planting, stake to obatain good upright growth and water in well with a liquid seaweed fertilizer to promote good root growth.

As this is a slow growing plant pruning is not often required. New plants can be tip pruned to maintain a bushy habit. Light pruning after flowering in spring is recommended to promote fresh growth and good flowering for the next season.


  • Aspect - Full sun to part shade
  • Height - 3m +
  • Soil - Humus rich moist
  • Hedging - Yes
  • Container growing - Yes

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