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Palm Trees, Species, and Advanced Palm Tree Wholesalers in Australia


Wholesale Palm Trees Advanced and Semi Advanced for Brisbane QLD, Sydney NSW, The Gold Coast, Darwin NT, Adelaide SA, Melbourne VIC and Perth WA.

Our online Palms directory lists most of the popular palm trees used in landscaping in Australia. Growers of advanced sun hardened palm trees can supply a range of varieties delivering from Brisbane and the Gold Coast, to Sydney and Melbourne and in may cases to Adelaide and Perth.

Wholesale palm trees are sold in planter bags or containers with advanced ex-ground stock also available. Container trees generally range from 1 - 6m in height, advanced specimens are available as fully grown trees.

Landscaper need to follow basic planting instructions including paying attention to soil type, drainage as well as proper preparation including of the planting area to make for speedy and easy root development.

All newly planted palm trees will require regular watering through the first year, being careful not to over water as well. Liquids seaweed fertilizer is recommended with newly transplanted palms to help new root development and overcome transplant shock.

Soil amendment for sandy or clay soils needs to be carried out before planting to ensure successful growth.

Used widely in commercial landscaping Palm Trees are a feature in housing and retail developments in nearly every state. Many palm tree species or types are hardy in cooler climates and are used to help create a tropical feeling in landscape design.

Palm Tree Species Types and varieties, and Palm Tree Wholesalers in Australia

CHINA TRADING Co. Pty Ltd- email:
ph 02 6674 5698 Mob 0412888112 (Graham Todd)
Advanced trees and palms from all over Australia delivered anywhere in Australia and Overseas. Salvaged Zamia Palms, Grass Trees, Queensland Bottle Trees & Livistona Palms

One of Australia's largest wholesale trade nurseries. Over 30,000 species , from tubestock to advanced trees, an almost unlimited choice of quality plants.

Self cleaning palms and other plants also propagated. From cuttings, rooted cuttings to the sun hardened stage in pots from 6" (150mm) to 10" (250mm) Cuban Royals, Foxtail Palms, Bismarkia, Carpentaria, Princess, Rednecks, Vechia, McAuthorite, Golden Cane, Travellers/Nth Sth, Triangle./span>

Our Business is Growing. Offering a variety of sun hardy Australian natives and exotic trees, shrubs, groundcovers and perennials from semi advanced through to super advanced and semi-mature stock.

Unusual Plants, Bromeliads. Ferns and Palms, Food Plants, Ground Covers, Seeds, Hoya, Gingers, Heliconias, Bat Plants, Herbs and Medicinal Plants

Palm Tree Types and species.

List of Palm tree species and common names.

  • Adonidia merrillii (Christmas Palm)
  • Archontophoenix Cunninghamiana (Bangalow Palm)
  • Areca triandra (Wild Areca Palm)
  • Areca vestiaria (Orange Crownshaft palm)
  • Arecastrum romanzoffianum or 'Queen Palm'
  • Arenga engleri (Dwarf sugar palm)
  • Beccariophoenix alfredii
  • Beccariophoenix madagascariensis (Windowpane Palm)
  • Bismarckia nobilis (The Silver Fan Palm)
  • Brahea armata (Blue Hesper Palm)
  • Brahea edulis (Guadalupe Palm)
  • Butia capitata (Jelly Palm)
  • Butia eriospatha (Woolly Jelly Palm)
  • Calyptrocalyx flabellatus
  • Carpentaria acuminata (Carpentaria Palm)
  • Caryota mitis (Clustering Fishtail Palm)
  • Chamaerops humilis (European Fan Palm)
  • Chamaerops Humilis Cerifera (Dwarf Blue Fan Palm)
  • Chamaedorea elegans (Parlour Palm)
  • Chamaedorea cataractum (Mexican Hat Palm)
  • Chamaedorea metallica (Metallic Palm)
  • Chamaedorea seifrizii (Clustered Parlour Palm)
  • Chambeyronia macrocarpa ( Red leaf Palm or 'Flamethrower Palm)
  • Clintostigma samoense
  • Cocos nucifera (Coconut Palm)
  • Coccothrinax alta
  • Copernicia baileyana (Cuban Paddle Palm)
  • Corypha utan
  • Cycas revoluta (Sago Palm - Cycad)
  • Cyrtostachys renda (Lipstick Palm)
  • Cryosophila warscewiczii
  • Cyphophoenix elegans
  • Dictyosperma album
  • Dypsis baronii
  • Dypsis lutescens (Golden Cane Palm)
  • Dypsis decaryi (Triangle Palm)
  • Dypsis leptocheilos (Teddy Bear palm or Red Neck Palm)
  • Howea forsteriana (Kentia Palm)
  • Hyophorbe lagenicaulis (Bottle Palm)
  • Hyophorbe verschaffeltii (Spindle Palm)
  • Iguanura bicornis
  • Johannesteijsmannia altifrons (Diamond Joey Palm)
  • Kentiopsis magnifica
  • Latania lontaroides (Red Latan palm)
  • Lemurophoenix halleuxii (red Lemur Palm)

  • Licuala cordata
  • Licuala elegans
  • Licuala grandis (Ruffled Fan Palm)
  • Licuala ramsayi (Queensland Fan Palm)
  • Linospadix monostachya (Walking Stick Palm)
  • Livistona australis (Cabbage Palm)
  • Livistona chinensis (Chinese Fan Palm)
  • Marojejya darianii
  • Mauritellia armata (Ghost Palm)
  • Orania palindan
  • Phoenix canariensis (Canary Island Date Palm)
  • Phoenix roebelenii (Pygmy Date Palm or Miniature Date Palm)
  • Ptychosperma elegans (Solitaire Palm)
  • Ptychosperma. P. macarthurii (Macarthur Palm)
  • Phoenix canariensis (Canary Island date Palm)
  • Phoenix dactilifera (Date Palm - edible)
  • Phoenix roebelenii (Dwarf Date Palm)
  • Phoenix rupicola (Indian Date Palm)
  • Phoenix sylvestris (Sylvester Palm)
  • Pinanga coronata (Ivory Cane Palm)
  • Pritchardia hillebrandii (Hawaiian Fan Palm)
  • Ptychosperma microcarpum (Cluster Palm)
  • Raphia farinifera
  • Ravenala madagasariensis (Travellers Palm)
  • Ravenea rivularis (Majestic palm)
  • Rhapis excelsa (Lady Palm)
  • Rhapis humilis
  • Roystonea regia (Cuban Royal Palm)
  • Sabal minor (Dwarf Palmetto Palm)
  • Syagrus romanzoffiana (Queen Palm, Cocos Palm)
  • Thrinax radiata (Thatch Palm)
  • Trachycarpus fortunei ( Windmill Palm or Chinese Windmill Palm)
  • Veitchia montgomeryana (Montgomery Palm)
  • Wallichia densiflora (Dwarf Fishtail Palm)
  • Washingtona robusta (Cotton Palm)
  • Wodyetia bifurcata (Foxtail Palm)'

NATHANS VALLEY KENTIAS - phone: (02) 6586-1001
57 Sarahs Crescent WAUCHOPE 2446
Specializing in Kentia (howea forsteriana) seedlings. Export to Holland, Spain, USA and supply the Australian market.

JUST BIG CANES - phone: 0403 461 652
Beachmere Road, Caboolture Caboolture QLD 4510
Growers and suppliers of large Golden Cane Palms (Dypsis Lutescens).

GRASSTREES AUSTRALIA - phone: 08 9359 1443
670 Welshpool Rd Wattle Grove WA 6107
Suppliers & transplanters of recycled mature native grasstrees (blackboys) & Zamia Palms (cycads) Available Australia - Wide and Internationally. Also available recycled mature WA Xmas trees (Nuytsia Floribunda)

PALMS BY PEELDALE(Peeldale Pty. Ltd.) - phone: 0266845221 / 0414845221
Walkers Lane Billinudgel 2483
Specialising in 25 litre bags, being both easily managed and affordable by the end user.

PALMS OF THE ORIENT - phone: (08) 94548998
11 Brand Rd High Wycombe. WA 6057
Rhapis Palms, Palm of the Orient, Plain Green and Variegated palms. Palm collector, registered hobby nursery.

FERNWORLD AUSTRALIA PTY LTD - phone: (03) 9551 1285
572 Heatherton Road, Clayton South, VIC 3169
We specialise in Ferns, Grass Trees, Palms. Water Plants & Water gardens.

TOUGH PALMS NURSERY - phone: (07) 40591391
15 Nicholas St Clifton Beach QLD 4879
Palms, Cycads, Foliage Plants, Shrubs. Catalogue available.

HEATHERDALE FERN NURSERY - phone: (03) 9873 0223
61 Heatherdale Rd Ringwood VIC 3134
Specialist Fern Nursery. Catalogue available free of charge.

PALMS R Us - phone: 07) 41253084
61 Senior Drive Torquay Hervey Bay. QLD
Approx 60 varieties of both full sun and shade palms (9ltr to 45ltr) as well as cycads.

NINDERRY NURSERY - phone: 07 5446 6344 F: 07 5446 6355
343 Yandina - Bli Bli Rd Maroochy River QLD 4561
Feature trees, shade , exotic , screen , big palms, shrubs.