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Suppliers of Wholesale Premium Potting Mix for plant growers, nurseries and garden centers. Specialist potting mix formulas for plant needs. Individual soil mixes for flower growers, succulents, orchids, trees and general potted plant lines.

In Australia wholesale potting mix is formulated for different growing conditions and plants.

These include

  • Orchid Potting Media.
  • Flower, Bulb Potting Media.
  • Shrub Potting Media.
  • Tree Potting Media.
  • Australian Native Potting Media.
  • Coir Peat, Seed Raising & Propagating Mix.
  • Diatomite.
  • Coco Peat.
  • Perlite & Vermiculite.
  • Growool.

Wholesale Potting Mix Suppliers

NATURES SOIL Pty Ltd - phone: (03) 9737 9933
Complete range of potting mixes, fertilizers and associated products for the agricultural and horticultural industries and home garden users.

SAGE HORTICULTURAL - phone: (03) 9553 3777
121 Herald St. Cheltenham VIC 3192
Javo potting machines, propagation equipment, greenhouses, greenhouse film, shadecloth, fertilizers, misting and fogging, heating & cooling, benching, shelving, trolleys and barrows. Fertilizer formulations, Leaf & Soil Analysis,