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Evergreen Magnolias (Magnolia Grandiflora) are a versatile tree used both as specimen trees as well as scenting plants. Growing well in range of climatic conditions in Austral ia you will find then from Queensland to Tasmania. Foliage is as much a feature as the flowers.

In terms of cultivars and varieties we are looking at Magnolia grandiflora and a number of named cultivars readily available in Australia. The cultivars focus on different growth habits, including height and upright habit or spreading, flower colour and leaf shape and backing colour. The coppery velvet backing of Magnolia grandiflora species is a real feature.

Growing conditions and care

All evergreen magnolias grow well in a humus rich, moist but well drained soil, they enjoy a sunny position to part shade but do not like hot winds and in warmer areas protection from the heat of the afternoon sun can be advisable. Magnolias are best planted when the soil is still warm or warming up. so late summer through early autumn and then early spring are the best times, however with proper care and watering they can be planted at any time.

It can be advisable to dig in some well rotted compost and manure a month or so before planting. Water in well with a liquid seaweed fertiliser for strong root growth.

Varieties and Cultivars

Magnolia Little Gem
Without doubt the most popular cultivar of all. A smaller growing tree than the species and with nice tight growth habit and good flowers this has been a favourite for many years. Excellent as a screening plant and easy to prune.

Magnolia Kay Parris
A relatively recent release in Australia this plant was developed by Kevin Parris and has perhaps a tighter habit than 'littlegem' excellent leaf colur and again easy to prune to shape

Magnolia 'Teddy Bear'
The latest on the scene, with distinct foliage, much more rounded than other cultivars.

Magnolia 'Exmouth'
One of the older cultivars, a more upright habit and taller growing than the previous three.

Magnolia 'St Mary'
Will reach well over 6m, but nice tight growth and faster growing than some of the other cultivars.

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