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Welcome to! Use our nursery stock locator to find thousands of wholesale plants including trees and shrubs from tubestock to advanced specimens.

Being one of Australia's largest wholesale services, we connect with plant nurseries and major suppliers of bulk plants, trees and shrubs for your landscaping needs.

Suppliers of nursery equipment and machinery to the wholesale industry are also listed including poly tunnels, potting mix, shade cloth, weed mat and garden stakes.

Find the right Wholesale Plants

Before you buy plants for your landscaping project you need to find the right species for your location and conditions. is the place to start.

Wholesale Nurseries are experts in growing large quantities of quality plants for large projects, retail outlets, landscapers and others. A good wholesale nurseryman will know his plants and will know what is suited to your needs and locations

Find the right Wholesale Nursery

You are looking for a few things here. The first is the right plants at wholesale prices. Secondly quality plants, look for established wholesalers with a reputation for quality plants. It is cheaper in e long run to source the right plants of superior quality than to find a bargain that is poorly grown and does not survive. No landscaper ever wants to have to go back and replace plants that do not survive. Poor quality plants can create a poor reputation.

Establish good contacts with your Wholesale grower

It is OK to order plants online, however if you can visit your major wholesaler and meet the growers then you can establish a stronger working relationship. Many nurseries will treat well known customers with a little more care, and you will be the first to know of new release plants and sale items. Sign up to wholesale nursery mailing lists.

Follow the horticultural industry on

Its all we do, promote plants, give our opinion on how to grow them. Look at the latest releases and even help you find those 'difficult to locate' plants for your customers.

These four tips will make your search for wholesale plants easier, cost effective and in the end make your customers satisfied and more likely to return.

Who can buy Wholesale Plants ?

Wholesale plants are generally only available to registered landscapers and garden centres with an ABN. The general public are advised to contact a retail outlet to source plants for the garden, or contact their landscaper to source plants on their behalf. If you are looking for retail suppliers or mail order plant suppliers we suggest you go to

We provide a guide to some of the largest wholesale nurseries and plant suppliers for Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin, ACT & Canberra. New South Wales (NSW), Queensland QLD), Victoria (VIC, South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA), Tasmania (TAS) and The Northern Territory (NT)

Using this site

  • The best way to search for a particular species is to use our integrated search facility situated near the top left of each section.
  • It is also possible to browse nurseries by category or by state using the index on the left of every page.
  • If you are looking for a plant species you cant find using the search facility feel free to contact us. Remember to include your location so we can point you towards the most suitable supplier.
  • We can also put you in touch with plant sourcing services, these services can locate plants for you and make arrangements for them to be delivered.