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Wholesale Acacia cognata.

One of the best native hedging plants are the Acacia cognata varieties that have been developed over the last 15 - 20 years. In particular the low growing or dwarf cultivars which are widely used by landscaper s. Varieties such as 'Mini cog' are now sold in the USA by Wholesalers in California marketed as 'Cousin It'.

In landscaping they make excellent feature plants and also work well as a low hedge. Growth is dense and the foliage with its natural weeping habit is an excellent choice for planting along low walls.

Pictured right is a row of low growing acacia cognata that overhang a low wall. They have been established for over 3 years and have required no additional water, fertilizer or maintenace.

A few damaged spots have all regrown to form a uniform evergreen weeping border to a garden pathway.

Soft attractive folaige and relatively little droping of leaves make this a wonderful easy care plant. Available from small tubes to advanced specimens from selected wholesale nurseries.

Plants vary from the low growing cultivars at less than 1m to small trees as 4 - 5m in height. This is a drought tolerant sun loving plant that is somewhat underused in Australian gardens.

acacia cognata

Nurseries suppling Acacia cognat to - New South Wales (NSW), Victoria (VIC), Queensland (QLD), South Australia (SA), Tasmania (TAS), Western Australia (WA). The Northern Territory (NT) and the ACT.

One of Australia's largest wholesale trade nurseries. Over 30,000 species , from tubestock to advanced trees, an almost unlimited choice of quality plants.

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