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Syzygium resilience or Lilly Pilly 'Resilience' - Wholesale Suppliers

Syzygium resilience or Lilly Pilly 'Resilience' is a Psyllid resistant Lily Pilly. Evergreen, quick growing and a great hedging plant or as with other Lilly Pilly varieties could be used as a lilly pilly for cloud pruning.

An excellent medium sized hedge to a height of around 3 - 4m. Lilly pilly resilience is however easily pruned to as low as 2m. Price will vary with size from around $30 - $40 in a 25ltr to $100 in a 75ltr


As a guide to spacing, plants are best planted at around 1m apart, at this distance they will quickly form a good dense hedge. A mature plant will have a width of 2 - 3 m so planting at this distance will allow them to mesh well.

Growth rate is regarded as fast to medium and plants should be staked to allow for good root development when young, especially in windy exposed positions.

Pruning is best carried out regularly from a young age, rather than leaving plants to long.

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