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Syzigium Australe 'Pinnacle' or ('Pinnacle' Lilly Pilly) is a new release Lily Pilly that is fairly unique. This is one of the few cultivars we have seen that has a particularly narrow, columnar habit habit, yes an upright Lilly Pilly similar to a pencil pine..

If you are looking for an upright evergreen screening tree then Syzygium australe Pinnacle could be it. With an eventual height of around 8m and a width of around 2m the columnar habit make it ideal for planting in narrow areas where a tall growing screen or feature line of trees is required

Growth rate is medium and will depend on the soil, aspect and climate. The dense foliage is an added attraction, typical glossy 'Lily Pilly' foliage, new growth with hints of bronze.


This is a very tolerant plant however it does perform better in a well drained soil with some moisture. we suggest mulching well to retain a cool moist root run. Full sun to part shade, however in deep shade growth may not be a dense. A general purpose native plant fertiliser in spring will be beneficial in poorer soils.

Protect from heavy frosts where possible to prevent foliage damage.

As with all Syzygium pruning is fairly easy. You could keep Syzygium australe Pinnacle to a height of around 3m if required. If you are looking for a formal hedge prune regularly around twice a year.

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