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Lomandra - Wholesale Nurseries in Australia

Lomandra - Wholesale Nurseries in Australia
Lomandra is a widely used as a landscaping plant and available in advanced sizes as well as tubestock from wholesalers for use in massed plantings or as a feature plant.

As a ground cover plant species such as Lomandra filiformis with its fine green foliage are excellent hard wearing low maintenance plants. And low growing ground cover plants are much in demand from landscapers.

The ornamental value is perhaps secondary to its use in mass plantings.

Cascading or weeping cultivars of Lomandra affinis cylindrica are excellent along driveways as a border or as specimens beside water features.

Lomandra confertifolia has a deep rhizomatous root system which makes it tougher and more drought resistant than some other species.

Lomandra Care

  • Full sun to light shade
  • Frost and drought tolerant
  • well drained soil

After planting ensure that adequate water is available for the first 3 months. After this Lomandra seems to be reasonably drought tolerant in commercial plantings.

A slow release general purpose fertiliser applied in spring is useful to promote growth over the first 2 - 3 years

Lomandra can be cut back to around 15 - 20 cm every 4 years to improve the look of mass plantings as well as small clumps.


Lomandra species are availble from the following wholesalers

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