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Euphorbia Martinii

A compact growing mound forming small evergreen shrub Euphorbia Martinii will reach 0.4m. New foliage is green with red tips fading to a grey green with age. Bright lime green flower heads from late winter through to spring, flowers have a attractive red centre.

Excellent in the winter as it flowers when little else is around, can be grown in containers and is well suited to Mediteranean style gardens. It will reach a height of around 1m when in flower and will spread about 1m. Can be used in landscaping as a mass planting where it is low maintenance. Spent flower heads can be cut back to tidy up appearance.

Like all of the species Euphorbia Martinii requires a well drained soil and a sunny position, in wet areas you may need to raise the garden bed to provide drainage. This is a hardy plant and tolerates cold conditions as well as heat.

Euphorbia x Martinii is a sterile cross and will not self seed. Used widely in rock gardens, and suitable for growing in containers.

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