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Beaucarnea recurvata Pony Tail Palm - Wholesale

Not really a palm at all, but it looks like one. The base of the Beaucarnea recurvata expands to over 1m, so make sure it has room to grow. Used widely as an indoor plant these attractive plants are long lived and easy care.

The long strap like leaves hang down from the crown liken 'all round' ponytail. This a relatively drought tolerant plant having its origins in the deserts of Mexico. Usually grown as a single trunk specimen and often in a containers.


They do require a well drained soil and do need light as well, so although they brow indoors good light is essential.

The main problems are overwatering and under watering. Over time a well kept specimen can reach 5m in height, however in cultivation it is usually much less.

Propagation is from seed which are usually planted in spring in a seed raising mix with some moisture.

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