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Arbutus canariensis - Wholesale

Arbutus canariensis is a relatively small growing evergreen ornamental tree sometimes referred to as the 'Strawberry tree' for its small red fruit.

Growing conditions and Landscaping uses

Prefering a humus rich but well drained soil it is grown for its glossy green foliage and extremly attractive 'mahogany' bark. Exellent specimens in gardens throughtout the Dandenong ranges, Pirianda Gardens, Tindale Gardens as well the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne and Ballarat. Fairly slow growing but a very attractive and durable tree once established. In rural areas use the sterile A. andrachnoides instead.

Available for sale from the following growers

'Justly famous for rare and unusual plants' - Don Teese
34 Mt Pleasant Rd Monbulk VIC 3793 - PH (03) 9756 6335 FAX (03) 9752 0308