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One of the most popular of all Agaves is Agave attenuata, it is perhaps the species with the most attractive foliage and it does flower as well. Available from leading wholesale growers,it is the blue green foliage and strong archetectual shape that make this a real winner with architects and landscapers alike.

This is a low growing species and spineless so it fits more softly into the landscape than others. Sometime called the 'Blue Agave' it will grow a trunk or stem over time and given a little room it will develope a nice bushy habit.

agave attenuata

As it ages 'offsets' or pups will form and these can be removed for appearance or left to promote new plants and a denser clump.

Excellent in a container or in the ground, Agave attenuata requires little care after establishment.


  • Full Sun to part shade, not deep shade
  • Well drained soil

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