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Livstona Australis - 'Cabbage Palms'

An Australian native, Livstona Australis or Cabbage Palms are a small to medium growing palm to3 - 4 m. Found from Queenland to Victoria this is a rainforest palm tree with fan shaped foliage.

A hardy palm tree that is versatile i n its growing requirements coping well with part shade to full sun as well as coastal conditions. As with many rainforest palms Livstona Australis or Cabbage Palms can be grown indoors.

Great as a feature in the garden, near a pool, or planted in a low avenue suitable for street planting or landscape use.


Full sun to part shade are about the only requirements for this hardy native tree. They grow well in containers and are used in commercial developments as indoor plants. The root system is extensive tso plant away from pipes, pools and buildings.

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