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Blueberry Plants WHOLESALE

Blueberry plants (Vaccinium spp) are increasingly popular both as commercial fruit crops and as plants for the home garden. WHolesale Blueberry plants come in a range of species and cultivars, Low Bush and High Bush being two types.

Vaccinium corymbosum (Highbush blueberry) is used widely in commercial plantings.

We list Wholesale Blueberry Plant Nurseries, suppling quality Bluebery Plant for commercial use as well as supplying retail garden centres. Nurseries suppling New South Wales (NSW), Victoria (VIC), Queensland (QLD), South Australia (SA), Tasmania (TAS), Western Australia (WA). The Northern Territory (NT) and the ACT.


Blueberry plants are usually classed as highbush or low bush Vaccinium Corymbosum is the Highbush 'Blue Rose' and 'Bluecrop' are two popular 'High Bush' cultivars. Lowbush blueberries include Vaccinium angustifolium and V. myrtilliodes, while V. ashei is the 'Rabbiteye blueberry'

Pollination of Blueberry plants

Blueberries are dependent on insects for pollination (and therefore fruit set). Many commercial growers have bees hives during flowering season to help with this.

Chill requirements for Blueberries.

Blueberries come in high chill and low chill forms, simply some require colder winters and nights than others. Many blueberries named as 'Southern Highbush' or 'Rabbiteye' require less chill than others. (Often called 'Chill Factor')

Some Blueberry plants are evergreen and some are deciduous. Blueberry plants also come as 'highbush and 'lowbush' varieties.

Highbush varieties are generally suited to cooler areas as they have a 'low chill' requirement to set fruit.

Some varieties are called 'Southern High Bush' varieties such as Sharpeblue, Misty, Biloxi and Jubilee are suited to warmer climates. These wer developed in the Southern States of the USA.